Last virgin!

lukas“Misfortunes strike when least expected! My experience in relationships was not as I expected. All I saw at first were happy couples. Only for the coin to flip and all I could paint out were happy singles!”

Living in a society with individuals with a holier than thou attitude is really a hassle. It’s a matter of survival for the fittest. Initially, I thought that virginity was only being sexually pure. At least, that’s what I knew from my upbringing. There’s more to this rather than the literal meaning…

In campus, anyone and everyone is out to create real havoc regardless of the age. Gone are the days that hostels were meant for serious studies. Our youngsters have changed this phenomenon. They’ve changed them to be party havens. Whether weekend or weekdays, there is a party going down somewhere branded as “form.”

Just as the songs go by, they sleep all day and party all night. At times this parties turn chaotic as they exchange fists and blows. When the temperatures are a bit high, such raves escalate to the level of orgies. It’s a care free world! Contracting infections is the least of their worries! Nope! The most feared issue if pregnancy itself. The student would rather get sick than be tasked with parenthood.

Enrolling for that Diploma or Degree course is not easy. Behind all this is a parent, guardian or sponsor hustling to ensure that you are there. Then to my surprise, after a few months they call school to learn that you have never set your foot there! More so, you have taken up Dee jaying downtown or she has eloped with a Sponsor!

The school itself is not that safe either! Lecturers who have been for longtime perceived as role models have evolved. They nowadays trade sex for grades! It has become a man eat man society. Everyone wants to benefit in one way or the other. This rot has spread all over. Its such a shame that only a few individuals are willing to stand out to bring forth change.

‘How will our brothers and sisters really understand the virtue of virginity ‘sound moral conduct’ if they are surrounded by rich criminals and poor drop outs!’

As i had noted earlier, relationships can be really satisfying if you are both ready to work out your differences. What if your other half is two-sided? “Unadhani umeangukia kumbe umeangukiwa.” Such a relationship becomes stressful. Its better to be hungry than to deal with a cheat!  -anonymous.

The exit of one jail is the entrance of another! For the lucky few that survive this ordeal in schools, they have to face the merciless world. Majority of them have their innocence reaped away by our perverted society. To get that job, promotion or favor; there’s a price to pay. One way or another, this mentality has to change.

Its clear that the force dragging us behind is bigger than we can imagine. And so is the solution!

To solve such menace in our society, ATTITUDE is everything! If we change our perception on various factors in our modern world, that will be the secret weapon to end all this rot. Let’s not perceive women as sex vessels. They are our sisters and mothers thus they should be loved & protected as they are vulnerable.

Institutions of learning should be treated with dignity. Grasp as much information and skills as you can from there and build your own ‘brand.’ From there, that *ss that you’ve been chasing for  4 years will follow. Not the other way round!

Respect is paramount in whatever you do. Respect that body because there’s no spare for it. As a boss, respect that young lady in your office like your daughter. Not as a vessel for pleasure!

Last but not least, if you’re in any relationship faithfulness should be upheld. #Kemea Ufisi! Never be in a rush to venture in to the wild as serious repercussions awaits you. Take it slow.

In conclusion, Virginity not only stands for chastity but also for good morals. If ethics is to go by, how many people are ethically pure? If you were to stand trial today, would be among those that will be morally virgin?  Will you?


…am i the only one remaining?

…I stand to be counted. What about you?


Campus vibes


If you want to get laid, go to college. If you want an education, go to the library.

-Frank Zappa

My dad stressed that campus life is a journey of personal discovery. “Actually, every book that you read will redefine your destiny,” he used to say. The escapades of my college life are really  mad. The first place that i set foot was the library. As i perused through the Hardy Boys’ novel, the story seemed to be more interesting than usual. Or should i mention it’s because of the blonde that issued it to me!

Apart from a few team mafisi members who were busy trying their luck with the first years,everyone else was busy engrossed with their studies. I entered the lecture hall at exactly 10:30 Am, only to learn that the lecturer was not to report in on that day.  But being social comes with its own  benefits. Within seconds i had secured a few digits which i added to my long catalogue. An assurance that i will not go dry for the rest of the semester. But do i say!

Being a recent high schooler, the funkie blood was still warm and flowing in my system. On hearing that dudes were heading to Ghetto Radio, i was the first to sign up! The studying mood had already vaporised. As we were heading out, i met another wonder of God’s mighty creation. I presumed that it was the “8th wonder of the world!” Within seconds, i had already secured her digits, only to learn that i already taken  her number while in the library!

Within the first few minutes in the CBD, i realised that i had a meeting with my friend for some art classes. I had to lie that i had developed some stomach pains! I headed back to the hostel to prepare myself. No sooner had i entered my ro0m that he called to inform me that he had postponed it  to a later date. Man!

As i laid on my bed aimlessly trying to come to terms with reality, i recalled that i had skipped my shower in the morning.I decided to heat up some water  and clean up lest i become a stunk! I had also forgotten to take lunch and it was almost 3:30 Pm. The pea nut butter and family bread would do the magic!  As i embarked on the noble task of making myself a sandwich, my roommate Pedro came for assistance!

Being the Love Doctor, i was all ears. Love issues never skip me!”That’s so simple bro, just give me her digits and  watch me!” I told him after hearing his tribulations. To me, the issue was so minute’. I had seen and experienced worse! If you think that i will miss the evening devotion, then you’re in for a surprise!

Evening devotion simply meant meeting up for some “serious discussions” which i will divulge the details later on! That was after the usual worship. Being still a fresher, i was just getting introduced to the system. But what choice did i have? “Fisi ni fisi tu!” As the local proverb says. I was caught up at cross roads when Jannette found me with my latest catch! But being a pro at this game, i excused myself claiming i had an urgent phone call only to ditch them.

“Pedro is really ill! He can’t even lift a single muscle! If  you don’t come this very minute…!” This words shook Pam to the center of her existence! It was as if a cloud of fear had enveloped her as she struggled to speak. The only words that i heard from her shaky voice were,”…coming!” She hanged up on me instantly. Sweat trickled down Pedro’s face. At some point i thought that he was really ill, only to burst out laughing.

I had thought that the lady’s hostel was really far, but love concurs all boundaries! At exactly 10:00Pm, there was a loud knock at the door,signifying that our mission was a success. The PREP and PEP tablets laid coldly on the table, a clear indication that the poor lad was counting his last seconds on earth! Their color was enough proof that they were for seriously ill people! I could hardly hold my laughter as Pedro dramatically pretended to be helpless as Pam struggled to feed him.

Her wet eyes were a clear indication that she had been crying. She seriously cared for this poor guy. I had expertly played my cards. The ball was now in his court! “It was time to unleash the beast…!” From the days hectic schedule, i fell asleep as soon as i got on my bed.Only heavens know what transpired from there!

(…a recollection of my friend Pt***)

“White Gold of Africa.”


We need another and a wiser and perhaps a more mystical concept of animals… In a world older and more complete than ours they move finished and complete, gifted with extensions of the senses we have lost or never attained, living by voices we shall never hear. They are not brethren, they are not underlings; they are other nations, caught with ourselves in the net of life and time, fellow prisoners of the splendour and travail of the earth.

~Henry Beston

“After all is said and heard, all will be said but nothing will be done.” The song writ Juliani already sung it out over and over again. We live in a society full of politics and empty words. Leaders giving promises which quickly vapourise  into the thin air as soon as they step out of the podium. In the concluded Summit, everyone was all cheers following the burning of 120Tonnes of Ivory. It was an indication of the governments’ zero tolerance to poaching. But is burning simply enough? Will we simply wait for the next stash to be set ablaze…? So many intriguing questions lay in everyone’s mind.

Even with the stringent rules lain down to curb this menace; why the mammoth catch of ivory? Why now? A lot of content has been hidden from the common citizen. Some bits  are caused by our own negligence while others are beyond our jurisdiction. But it’s a free world!

The chain is quite long and complex. It links key individuals from within and outside the country. The porous borders offer easy access by Somalia poachers who maneuver their way in and out without getting noticed. The tusks offer a lucrative market as a kilo is approximately $50. Their main target is usually Isiolo in Eastern Region where the poachers garner the ivory. It is smuggled out of Kenya through shrew means especially through Liboi in south east Kenya border. At times it includes bribing of officers.

Other sources of ivory are Democratic Republic of Congo and Central Africa Republic. Numerous shipments of ivory are hoisted from Mogadishu harbor daily! It is then packaged in containers and covered with charcoal. It’s transported by sea to: Arabia, China, Korea, Japan and Iran(among other countries) where it is auctioned.

The deadly path of conflict ivory starts with the slaughter of innocent animals and ends in the slaughter of innocent people. It is a source of funding for terrorist organizations that transcends cruelty.If we fail to act now, militant groups like al-Shabaab will lay down their roots deep in the African landscape, destroying its heritage for generations to come. Dangerous and unpredictable, al-Shabaab’s involvement in ivory trade brings with it an alarming dimension, a dimension the world cannot afford to ignore.

Human-wildlife conflict is another challenge facing elephants internationally. Many times citizens complain to the rangers when straying elephants trample their crops, settlements and kill people. But all their pleas and complains are taken for granted. They are given little or no compensation at all. The result is death of the mammoth once spotted on the loose! In Asian countries like Bangkok, the villagers respond to straying elephants with gunfire and poison!

Rhino poaching as well has been on the rise.The number of rhinos poached in South Africa alone has increased  since 2007 to a record 1,215 in 2014.Their acclaimed horns have a ready market in Asia and Vietnam where their “powder” is used as a cure to some illnesses or as a symbol of wealth. The technological improvement has seen poachers turn to sophisticated equipment. Such includes use of choppers, night vision gear among others.

The illegal hunting has rendered them almost extinct. Most of the continent’s remaining rhinos are found in just four countries – South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Kenya. Very few African rhinos now survive outside of protected areas and sanctuaries.

This should sound an alarm that if no action is taken, the white gold which is our pride is headed for extinction. The immense contribution to our country can not be under stated. From the lucrative tax garnered from tourism to the crucial role they play in their ecosystem. They’re important grazers and browsers, consuming large amounts of vegetation, which helps shape the African landscape. This benefits other animals and keeps a healthy balance within the ecosystem.

It is the ‘White Gold of Africa’, white for its color and gold for its value.#Better alive than dead is my slogan. As i stand besides the roaring flames of ivory being scorched, it pains me deep to my soul. For our wildlife to see a better tomorrow, we need to act ASAP. The revolution begins with you and i. Don’t just sit there, do something!

City of slaves…


How free are we? Better still, how much freedom is free. Majority of us are a ‘subject’ to something. We are in servitude without our consent. For how long shall we remain entangled in these shackles of doom?

Bob Marley would say, “better die fighting than to be a prisoner for all the days of your life.”

Darkness was drawing in slowly as the last rays of sun shone shyly.  The evening train had just departed from the station. The busy routine of “Chocolate City” was at peak. Everyone appeared to be in a rush. Others were headed home after a tiresome day at  work. Some were headed straight to calm their nerves with a glass of booze. Roadside  entrepreneurs, ‘mahindi choma’  vendors were engrossed in a chit chat. The energetic ‘mama mbogas’ were  beckoning customers to their stalls. Dusk marked the climax of these businesses.  The mood was quite eccentric.

Many have referred to the inhabitants of this area as care free. At times, it has been dubbed as the most under-developed city in the republic. This is not the case. A lot of incidences happen behind our backs. Others are completely absurd while some are heart- breaking! The force dragging them back is stronger than they can imagine!

“Money is the source of all evil,” a term that I truly learned the meaning here. A thick cover of darkness had enveloped the whole area. Navigation through the dark alleys was a matter of sheer luck. I almost fell into a ditch after I stumbled on a rock. Moreover, I escaped being mugged by a whisker. A few well built men were busy reaping where they didn’t sow. These was their source of income! It proved that someone was apparently sleeping on the job. The “boys in blue” were giving them the onus to reign in the darkness. After all, at the strike of dawn they’ll have their fair share of the loot!

A lot of funds are allocated to development and upgrading of slums. However, the area still remains in a deplorable state. And yet in the next election year politicians will be boasting of their accomplishments! The money allocated to development ends up in their “fat pockets.” It’s such a pity that we end up electing them all the same!

“Brethren, it’s about time  we set ourselves free from slavery of money. Furthermore, the leaders whom we elect because we are bound by tribal relations are enslaving us to poverty and destruction. Revolution is a matter of mindset. Be wise…”

To a normal Mwananchi, darkness serves as bonding session for family members. In Chocolate City, darkness offers the best cover for another business. That is, prostitution.  Young maidens rush up and in search of customers. The area also has gay attraction. The innocent souls struggle just to get that extra coin to feed themselves and their siblings. Apart from a few who take it as a job like any other, majority have turned to it due to the harsh life. Others are forced to it by their parents! One of the girls was crying. Her wings had been clipped as she remains stranded in this lifestyle. “If only I could get some aid to pursue my education further, I could turn this society around.” She said this amid bitter tears.

“The pain that such ordeals are inflicting on our youth is unbearable. Our young generation is being forced in to sexual slavery because of poverty and lack of proper parental care. If we are to salvage our future generation, the time to act is now!’

Is drug and substance abuse an illegality in any democratic state? Well, the answer will be dependent on you! Here, everyone is in a party mood. Age doesn’t matter! Booze is in plenty. Am not talking about Martini, Smirnoff or Ice rock! No! The likes of Flying Horse, Moon Walker and its counter parts are the order of the day. A man was rumored to have drank  to death after winning 30,000 in a Sportpesa Betting!

The shanties were actually made of carton and covered with polythene bags as roofing. This was the least of concern to the merry makers. Everyone was intoxicated. There was no limit to them. Or is there any?

The dark streets served as a market for marijuana, “white powder” and other drugs. Young men were blowing clouds of smoke into the air as the rest were injecting  their veins. “Ukona mangapi mzito? Mali hapa ni freshi…!” Asked one of the men who thought that I was a customer. The scars on his face were a testimony of the battles he had survived. His teeth were brown stained with tobacco. The stench on his clothes made my nose twitch. As I tried to evade him I was met head on by another one who thought that I was a snitch. I had to pay him off to get away.

That walk through this informal settlement was a clear indication of the rot in our society. Civilians are languishing in poverty while all that we get from our leaders are empty promises. Promises of a better future that we never achieve! The power of  life and death is usually in our hands. To break this chains of slavery, it will take a lot of will power and dedication. As Ralph Ellison would say, “when I discover who I am, I’ll be free…”

Strength of a woman.

mother nature

A strong woman is one who feels deeply and loves fearlessly. Her tears flow just as abundantly as her laughter. She’s the embodiment of a stable family. Women are prejudiced and discriminated against. Nevertheless, they rise amid this challenges and forge ahead.

Many are times when women have been seen as weaklings. Not anymore. They have risen from this cocoon and proven the world wrong. Not everyone can bear the pain of bearing a child. To many mothers, nine to them is not a number. No! This is a period that is marred by many challenges. At times, it gets to a point that the pain is unbearable. But they persevere through this to give life because of their loving nature. Thus, they should be saluted.

‘Imani knew that her life had come to an end. Immediately the ship capsized, she was left isolated. She swam frantically with her child tightly held on her chest. She did not know where she was headed. But this did not matter. All she cared about was saving Junior’s life. The beach which was a few yards away felt as if it was miles away. Her efforts were not in vain as she finally navigated her way to the shore line. She was dripping wet. Itchy scratches were all over her body. Blisters on her foot were so painful that she could not even walk. Her child’s life is all that gave her relief.

Of all passengers on cruise for the voyage, they were the only lone survivors. Junior’s cry was evidence that he was hungry. In the desolated isle, Imani had to make a decision. She had not been able to rescue any clothing or food stuff. It was just fair enough that they were alive. She tried suckling him but no milk was forth coming. The deafening cry was more than she could handle. Picking up a sharp piece of wood, she pierced her breast! The pain was unbearable. But what option did she have? Junior suckled on it innocently! Imani looked at him silently as he suckled to his content.

Stranded, Imani just sat there silently. She waited for the rays to rapture the dark horizon to usher in a new day. May be it would come with new hope…!’

Women undergo numerous tribulations . Imani is an image of real strength and bravery. It’s really amazing how God created the woman, Shaggy once said.

Imani’s experience is a tip of the ice berg. Research by the Nairobian recently showed that some women are “workers” by night and mothers by day. They have to sell their souls to the devil to ensure that their children don’t go on an empty stomach. Picture a mother running in River Road at midnight in all that cold. Such images send tears of melancholy down my cheeks. They endure all this in the name of love for their innocent children. They are true super heroes for sure.

The list of women who have risen from grass to grace is endless. #My Little Thing# is a term we are all accustomed to. This was the slogan used by Waangari Mathai to drive change in this world. She’s recognized as one of the phenomenon women in this world. Scooping  Nobel Peace Prize is not easy. Her path was a rough one. From political machination to being dejected by her husband. However, this served to strengthen her more. She never stopped in her enviromental conservation habits.

“Her tale is one of the many examples of women rising to stardom. She set the track record that success is only a matter of personal dedication and perseverance.”

“Behind every successful man lies a woman.” This quote serves to show the women that they are strong.Very strong indeed! The secret lies in self realization! All this energy and power lies from  within until channeled in the right direction. Just focus in your path and the rest shall fall in to place.

Mary Angelou would once say, “i love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. Life’s a bitch, you’ve got to kick ass…”

21st Century Girl.



21st Century girl, i do whatever i like,
21st Century girl, I’m taking you for a ride,
21st Century girl, i’m gonna live it up…

It’s the 21st century indeed. A century that has been marred by numerous changes. From the dress code to etiquette and mannerism. Everything is new. Willow Smith already sang it out. The new generation is out to create real damage. All they care about is leaving an impression. One to be remembered long after they are all “gonners.”

Women have changed since the old days. One would be justified to call it an evolution. Since the days that maidens were the pride of their family. To modern city girls who are out to wreck havoc. They usually sing their slogan, “We only live once.” Feminists describe them as headstrong and outgoing. A fact that can’t be denied. But there is still a lot to unearth than what meets the eye.

She wants what she wants and that’s that. The 21st century girl will get her hearts’ desire at all costs. It’s quite surprising  to what extend she can go. Once her  plot is all set, the word Stop becomes none existent in her vocabulary. To her, modern dress code is ‘short and sexy’. Numerous times as i stroll through the streets of Nairobi, a young lady walks past me. From her dressing, I bury my head in shame to the ground. Team “mafisi” are left with tongues wagging…This has become a norm. Especially since the inception of the #my dress my choice.

This is now a norm that we are accustomed to. If only our fore fathers could be a woken from their eternal slumber! Am sure they would all collapse at this spectacle.

She is the ultimate party girl. They are usually aware of all raves going down in major clubs. They show up with their “girl friends” ready to party til dawn. Some of them are minors. But this doesn’t matter. ‘Life’s too short for regrets!’ Many are times i see them squeeze to get into the first matatu at dawn. Maybe they want to get back home before the parents wake up. Some are too afraid to show the world their dressing. Quite paradoxical! Are the parents to blame for neglecting their duty of proper guidance?Well, not entirely.

It all comes down to the 21st century girl’s decision making.Some choices they make “crucify” them later on!

Gone are the days when men defined relationships. Today, this has become a two way avenue. Women have become independent. What they want is what they get. If they are interested in a guy, they’ll be the ones to make the first move. Moreover, majority of them even finance those relationships. Their other half ‘dandia’ dudes with fat pocket. What we all call sponsors’. Only a small portion of women understand what dignity  is and adhere to strict morals.

As one young lady would put it,”as other girls are searching for rich husbands, am focusing on becoming a rich wife…”

It’s a new millennium. Unlike olden days when women cooked like their mothers; They now drink like their fathers. Clubs within the CBD during weekends’ are filled with girls of all ages. Some even too young to be in such joints. They are usually escorted by their ‘boyfriends.’ All they want is to clear their stress.Glasses of cheap liquor click all over. In other occasions, tots are the order of the day. “Really!” If our society is to see a better future, such mentality has to change. Getting intoxicated in alcohol will not clear any of your problems dear. It’s about time you change your course.

Women are the pillars of our society. If such is the path they’ve chosen, we are all headed for dooms day…

They all say that behavior is second nature. Since childhood, i have grown up knowing that ‘mama’ is a respectable name to a mature woman. Not anymore. Call any woman, mama in town.Her response will be like hell on earth. “Mama ni mama y**o.” That’s the phrase that will strike your face. At times, one might even cry. What caliber of women are we breeding? Where did the good mannerisms go? If such is the behavior to be exhibited by our future generations, “nimesaleda kama Mollis…!

“The 21st century girl ought to understand that respect is a matter of give and take. Furthermore, respect your self first and you wouldn’t have to prove your worth to any one.

This life is yours. But not entirely yours alone. Even if You Only Live Once, the reputation you leave behind shall be emulated by the future generation. Your actions today will be used against another innocent soul in another lifetime. Be wise. Live Right!

Cry Of Justice…

“They say that time is supposed to heal everything.Even the deepest wounds.But how long shall it take for the scars in our hearts to fade away.For how long shall we wait?”

Dorcus Taabu is hurting deeply.The memory of a dark past remains wounded in her soul.As her name would suggest,she truly understood what suffering was.Her world was small.Too small to accomodate only one person.And that was her.At times,she felt that there was no essence in living…Or is there?Living a life that’s worst, than death itself.She envisioned it as double tragedy…

Her possessions were really many!I mean,she owned one little hut and a garden!Yes!That was all that life had offered her.What more could she ask for if not for strength to forge forwad? However,she was  really rich.(But in spirit)!She had a “big heart” enough to accommodate everyone around her.

It was her nature that brought her to her current situation.To her it didn’t matter at all.She anchored her faith in the Lord hoping that one day it would all be over.At times she wished that it was only a bedroom nightmare.One which she would rebuke on waking up.Only to find herself in the same cocoon she had entangled herself in for many years.But for how long would she keep her faith….Every day brought new tribulations.She felt like a part of her was fading away day by day.

Her life at Asali Estate was really nice.One that every maiden would wish for.She recalls this as tears trickle down her face.Being the only daughter of Bwana Malimengi,everything was at her disposal.Her allies event called her princess.Even with all the pampering,she still had a heart for charty.She was truly an Angel on earth!

Tragedy Strikes when least expected.Their flourishing business got caught up in a rocky place when her father passed away in what was ‘termed’ as a fatal road accident.
“Msoto haina hodi….”is a term we are well accustomed to.Her inheritance was all grabbed by her greedy uncle mercilessly.It was like a whirl wind which had been hired to wreck havoc in their lives.What followed was worse than death itself.
Taabu was sexually molested by one of the ‘hoodrats’.”We are really sorry dear.We’ll try our best to bring the culprits to book!”Said the cops.”We know the whole team mafisi.”One girl would say.”They are our customers!Just tell us his name and he’ll live to pay for is sins!”Other neighbouring friends would tell her.

Taabu didn’t know what she wanted.Was it consollation?No,she had more than enough friends to do that….her heart yearned for something more …One that no human could offer.
Even with the culprit who had taken her innocence lose,she found it in her heart to forgive.
She had tried all ways but nothing seemed to be materialising.

All that loneliness faded away when she decided to give her life to her creator.With father Amani,she had an assurance that all was well.
Indeed she had found a new beginning.Her life was dedicated to charity.All that Taabu wanted was peace of mind and a place where all people were equal.That’s why she chose a humble life.To serve the less priviledged and those hurting like her in the ‘ghetto.’

Even with her past burried and forgotten,she remains to be a hurting woman deep down in her soul.”Until when shall young women be forced into dark rooms and their innocence taken ? Until when shall women be prejudiced and their rights over-stepped? Until  when?”She wonders…Will her cry of justice all be in vain…

“Well,wake me up!Wake me up when all things are right …”